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Which Video Camera Is Best? – Rock It Thursday

I get asked this a lot. Which video camera is the best one? You want one with an external mic jack, one that has an optical zoom, variable lenses is nice, and of course there’s a tripod, lights and your software editor. WHAT? By now, you might be feeling overwhelmed! I know I would beContinue Reading

Stop The Comparison Game – Rock It Thursday

Do you ever play the comparison game? Do you look at other people’s websites and think, “I’m never gonna get there!” It’s so easy to get caught up in comparing ourselves. It’s easy to inflate and/or deflate our egos. Either way is a losing scenario! It’s time to turn the lights on in your heartContinue Reading

Go With The Flow – Rock It Thursday

What happens when your plans go out the window? Mine did exactly that today. I planned out my day very carefully. Structured my time. Made little events in my iCal. Then… BOOOSH! Things happened and I was off track. Do you: Get mad and yell and scream that you don’t get your day your way?Continue Reading

Make It Fun – Rock It Thursday

Sometimes you just get overwhelmed. You feel stuck. You might feel like you have too much on your plate. It’s time to inject some fun! I know… you might be rolling your eyes at me. “Really Share? Inject fun into my corporate job? Or make it fun when I have to do laundry for myContinue Reading

Get Comfy On Camera – Rock It Thursday

The question I get asked the most about videos is ‘How do you get comfortable on camera?’ So… today I tell you great big secret answer!!!! (Well, it’s one of them and it’s certainly a biggie!) So dive in. Hit record. Start filming yourself. Experiment! Make it fun! Be bold! Stop second guessing yourself andContinue Reading

Engage Your Viewers – Rock It Thursday!

Have you ever watched a video online and felt connected to the presenter? There’s a couple of quick secrets to engaging and connecting with your viewers. No, it doesn’t involve sending them money! ha ha. It’s simple. Focus on the lens. Focus on one. Get your video groove ON! You can rock your videos easilyContinue Reading

Video Success Secret – Rock It Thursday

How do you get people to watch your videos? Well, first you have to understand a little bit about structure. But I hate that word. Let’s call it style instead. Check out this opening method in the video. But there’s more of course. You will dive into all of it in Video Rockstar University! SignContinue Reading

Song Stuck In Your Head? – Rock It Thursday

Do you ever wake up with a song stuck in your head? Oh no! Not THAT song! I don’t even LIKE that song. Why is it playing over and over in my head? That’s what happened to me today. I had to replace it with another song. Immediately! The same is true with our thoughtsContinue Reading

Manual For Life – Rock It Thursday

Have you ever wished you had a manual for life? A guidebook to walk you through the steps to find your purpose? To create your own success? This is your lucky day. In the video, I tell ya about a wonderful new book that will rock your world. It’s unlike any other self-help or personalContinue Reading

Own Your Life – Rock It Thursday

Do you ever hear yourself complaining about what happened to you? Or blaming your parents for something in your life? Stop it right now! OWN your life. That means take responsibility for your actions, decisions and choices. Sure you don’t choose everything that happens to you. But you sure as heck choose how you reactContinue Reading