I Rock. I Coach. I Write.
Who is Share Ross?

What Can A Rockstar Teach You About Success & Your Inner Self?

Let’s find out.

I rocked the globe as the bassist in the all female 80’s platinum selling rock band, Vixen. (And in 2015, we continue to rock!)

A funny thing happened along the way. I realized that everyone is a rockstar.

Oh sure. You’re thinking… but Share I can’t even sing. Not even in the shower.

Honey, I’m talking about your inner rockstar. That’s the one that counts.

I was globe trotting and playing to thousands of fans every night. And yet, I still struggled.

MTV loved us.
Our legions of fans adored us.
We toured with Ozzy Osbourne, Deep Purple, Bon Jovi, KISS, Aerosmith and more.

And I would wake up in the middle of the night crying from anxiety and wondering if I deserved to be there.

Yep, I was grateful. I was just kinda confused about my own self-worth.







I guide creatives and biz peeps to *ROCK their POWER, grow their income and find their true voice.

*Rockstar attitude welcome and encouraged

I Bounced Back With A Smile

After Vixen broke up, I had to get a j.o.b.
No college degree.
No skills to speak of.
No resume except “Rockstar”.

I improvised.
I learned the very fine art of manifestation.
I learned the joy of reinvention.
And I bounced back with a smile.

I realized the person who was accountable for where I was at was me.
That’s when things started to shift.

I Take Action

A few of the positions/careers I’ve held:

Shiatsu therapist, Travel Agent, Professional Songwriter, Record Producer and eventually… Video Editor, Host and Producer… and Life Coach.

The rockstar inside of you wants to come out.
In fact, it’s probably screaming like Ann Wilson right about now! (oooohhh Barracuda)

Are you taking action?
Are you waking up and greeting each day with your ideal self that says, “Hello!!! I’m happy to be alive!!!”?

If you’re shaking your head no, then you need me. Now.

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rock star
noun: rockstar
Someone who doesn’t follow the rules but makes up their own instead. They go out of their way to be extraordinary.


The transition to officially coaching was born out of coaching so many friends and family members to move out of ‘stuckedness’, out of unemployment or hating their jobs and to finally, once and for all… pursue their dreams with confidence and brilliance.

It’s all about career+life reinvention.

“After my first one-on-one session with Share, I am totally pumped and ready to get my business rolling! Share has terrific intuition, mixed with a keen business sense that really hones in on what her clients need to do to succeed. If Share was able to get me this laser-focused and excited after just one session, I can’t even imagine what we’re going to be able to accomplish together over time (actually, yes I can- sheer awesomeness)!”

~ Erynn Dalton – erynndalton.com

With a big heart, an unusual set of experiences in several industries and a loving determination, I give my clients more than just a set of tools to achieve their dreams. I help you uncover your own fierce belief in yourself.
And your limitless success.

My dream is to inspire you.
My dream is to see you become successful.
My dream is to guide you towards the brightest version of you.


In 2015, Vixen is back out on the road.
There’s a live dvd coming out with Joe Elliott’s (Def Leppard) band, The Down n Outz.

I’m busier than ever.

Writing. (Did I mention I write copy for clients along with working on a book.)
Helping entrepreneurs get comfy on camera.

It’s all doable.

I’m living my dream.

I want you to expand and unleash your inner rockstar. You owe it to yourself.

Let’s talk. Hit me.

Hey, still have questions?

Awesome… Fill out this form and I’ll get back to you in a rock n roll minute. (As much as I love Vixen, this form is not used for that. It’s for questions about Mind.Body.Soul.SHIFT. Thank you!) Can’t wait to hear from you…

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