Vixen – Vixen debut album; EMI

The first album from Vixen was hard to come by. Our manager pretty much had to hold a gun to EMI’s proverbial head. NOBODY wanted a rock band of chicks especially one that refused to wear lingerie and play pretty or let me see… labels said, if we were more like The Bangles that they’d sign us. The fun part – we recorded most of this at Capital Records in Hollywood which was a dream come true. The weird part… the producers and managers made it abundantly clear that we were not terribly wanted by EMI and barely had a record deal. It was 1987 and there were no all female rock bands in the charts. In fact, it was pretty much dominated by all guy bands. Period.

Vixen – Rev It Up; EMI

The follow up album. We demanded songwriting priveleges on this one. After all, we were a band right? However this led to the band being split into two camps. One where Janet and I found we had a natural writing habit together and one which seemed to position Roxy and Jan with outside songwriters against us. This was enhanced and even built up by our manager who it seemed loved the volatility of a band falling apart. He called each of us individually and said crazy stuff about the other ones to us to drive a wedge between us. We found out later that every single band he managed at this time… from Ratt to Shark Island to LA Guns to Michael Schenker Group all went through the same thing and ended up breaking up or at least having a seriously lousy time.

Contraband – Contraband; Impact Records

I remember the day I found out about this album. We were about to film MTV ‘Unplugged’. Our illustrious manager walked in and in a typical show of band unity announced, “Share, you’re going to be part of a supergroup with Michael Schenker and Tracii Guns”. At which point the other girls looked at me with suspicion and then… we were expected to go onstage and play live to an MTV audience! Now THAT was weird. Of course, my bandmates figured out that I had nothing to do with it and there was no secret plotting going on! LOL! The Contraband experience was mostly fun. Lighthearted recording and working on covers of our heroes. Lots of antics behind the scenes and practical jokes galore!

Bubble – how ’bout this?; Basement Boy Records

Our debut album! We finally got to make our own record and we went mad shooting off in a thousand directions musically on this cd. With many a late night session, Bam and I had a blast making this. “EYE” was written and recorded in one very drunken night. While Lullaby was a song written to Bam’s daughter Samantha who I felt particularly close to.

Bubble – Miss Hellaneous; Basement Boy Records

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This was an ep we threw out there and crazily decided to hand stamp and number each and every one. Wow. We’ll never do that again! A limited edition of 1000 copies was pressed and it has our insane version of “Wild Horses” on it plus some demos of tracks that ended up on future cd’s.

Bubble/Black Halos – Split Xmas CD

This was a very fun split cd with our mates the Black Halos. We covered Run Run Rudolph and wrote a rockin’ Xmas tune called “Christmas Here on Mars” which gets played every year on the Podsafe Music Network.

Bubble – Total Harmonic Distortion; Basement Boy Records.

(This cd was released in Japan under the name Rockets and Volcanoes and had a duet with Texas Terri called “If I had A Dick”)
This was our ‘lost’ cd. Where we were in between completely drunk off our asses and getting sober. A bit confused in my opinion, but still some killer tracks.

Bubble – Rock n Roll Hell; Basement Boy Records.

Just back from the Dogs tour with Alice Cooper we ripped this one out based on songs we’d been playing live for a few years. Our vision was to deliver a cd that was as pumped up on energy as we were at our live gigs.

Dogs D’Amour – Happy Ever After.

Well, we tried to live happily ever after. Hmm… it was a blast to play with Bam and my best mate, Jo and it was interesting to step into Steve James’ shoes and I enjoyed the process thoroughly.

Denny Freeman – A Tone For My Sins

I played bass for my good friend Denny’s album. This was a blast! Denny is an outstanding guitarist and this is just pure blues and rock n roll. Denny has finally gotten some attention as he is now is the guitarist for Bob Dylan.