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Couldn’t Get Enough? Sweet!

Here’s more about what makes me tick and how I got to where I’m at today…

A funny thing happened during a lifetime of rock n roll.

I found out I liked to do a lot of different things that seemed very ‘un rock n roll’. Being the type of person who likes to be in the moment and not look back, I just do what I enjoy and don’t give a toss what anyone thinks! Knitting, options trading and raw foods are my passions besides music.


It began with a friend stopping over at our house one afternoon wearing a scarf she’d knitted for herself. I was totally obsessed with learning how to do this so I ordered a scarf kit from ebay. Complete with what I would now consider to be horrid acrylic yarn! I followed video instruction and learned to knit while sitting at my computer and dropping the needles about a thousand times. That first scarf was given to my niece who then got the knitting bug herself. From there, I had to know more. I wanted to make things that looked like Vivienne Westwood – holy, raggedy, punk and wild. Deb Stoller, the author of Stitch n Bitch read my blog and asked me to contribute a pattern for her newest book. That spurred me on to pursue my own book dream and eventually a book deal was on the table from Stewart, Tabori and Chang. Punk Knits was born. We got our Hollywood friends to be the models and that is how a rocker became a knitter and authored a knitting book. Bam did the photography for the book and we designed knitting needles with skulls on the end.

I did have a blog that went along with my knitting obsession but simply do not have the time to maintain it anymore. I mainly knit small projects now just for pleasure and am not designing anything fancy. (that could change!)

Options Trading

I started investing in the stock market in 2007 when it was easy to make a buck as everything was going up. Then in 2008, the market shifted and I like many other investors got frustrated. A friend of mine whispered the phrase “options” into my ear and I started learning about them online. It is a way to leverage your money and if you do it the slow, ‘income’ style way, you can earn a steady living with it. But you really have to learn this stuff inside and out. So I learned what I could on my own and then researched the best mentoring company and signed up with Sheridan Mentoring run by the incredible Dan Sheridan. Not only have I learned how to trade options successfully but I’ve got a whole new set of friends for life as this community is amazing. It’s not just about the money. For as any veteran trader will tell you, “Trader, know thyself”… there’s a whole helluva lot of emotion that can screw you up in your trades. You need a solid support system in place and an even more solid plan in place. You gotta love math to trade options, but if you do, they can give you freedom in your life like you would not believe.

Raw Foods

In 2006, Bam discovered a book at Barnes and Noble called Raw Foods, Real World. We had never even heard of raw foods prior to this moment and we were both intrigued. Having lost my mother in 2005, I had been on a downward spiral of depression and comfort eating. I was definitely not feeling my best and was suddenly experiencing insomnia, arthritis, increased allergies and all sorts of weird ailments ranging from moodiness to lethargy. Enter Raw Foods and Bam’s determination for us to be the best we can be. All ailments are GONE. Not to mention, our energy is up and our skin is glowing with health.  We think raw, living foods are the absolute best choice a person can make for both their body and the planet. We are so enthusiastic about it, we started a show online to spread the knowledge: Raw Pirate Gourmet.


For a brief period, I dabbled with painting and even did several pieces to order for folks. After studying from the “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” book, I felt like I could create art. This, coming from the person who almost got an “F” in Art class in highschool. I was one of those kids who drew the box shaped house and the circle sun symbol and the very wonky looking faces. To me, creating any sort of art that actually resembled the picture… was amazing. Currently, I choose to put my time and energy into other passions besides painting but it is always there and I will pursue it again one day.

Stuff I Like… a lot

> Sarah Vaughan, Keith Richards, walking on the beach with my husband

> Swimming in the ocean, playing with my dog, Ringo, reading

> Sci-fi fun movies like fifth element, anything Terry Gilliam does, scrabble

> Self-help books that blend new age voodoo in, raw vegan gourmet food, raw vegan chocolate candy

> People who smile, Spanish wine, mac computers

> White space, did I mention books? More books and then some more books

> Learning, singing, playing, dancing, biking, thinking, being, living