Oh I hate myself on video.
I know I SHOULD do video for my site but I don’t know where to start.
I love watching YouTube videos but I freeze when there’s a camera pointed at me.
I did a video once. It got like… 12 views?
I’m so awesome in real life and so totally NOT awesome on camera! Yuck!

Does any of that sound familiar?

video is the new medium to get your message out

YouTube is the number two search engine and the third most visited site in the world. You NEED to be on it and sharing your message.

This is coming up for me right now because I did a video to enter a contest. I had to answer 3 questions – Who are you and what do you do? What is your biggest challenge in your business? And what does true success look like for you? I hope to win and attend RHHLive but if I don’t, I gotta tell ya, putting together that video was revealing and inspiring in itself. Being on camera and answering ANY questions that are thought provoking will release hidden answers. Ask the question. Press record. Go.

Ah but you say, I’ve tried that. It didn’t work for me. Follow these 3 tips and you will have a different result!

Okay. Let’s get to those 3 down n’ dirty tips so you can ROCK it!

  1. It’s all about you, baby! What does that mean? It means we have to be able to SEE your inner you. Your energy has GOT to come through. It’s not like you’re in the room with us. So smile. It’s a cliche but it’s true.. make love to the camera with your eyes. Put a post-it note under the lens that makes you smile or giggley and THEN film. Talk to your best friend on the phone. THEN film. Take ten deep breaths and THEN film. What a difference to see you smiling in that real, authentic kind of way.
  2. Size is not as important as length. (Sounds naughty right?) Studies have proven that online viewers usually only last 2 – 3 minutes MAX. So get your message together and own it. Deliver it. Succinctly. Briefly.
  3. Sound can make or break a video star. I’ve seen tons of awesome videos where if the person had used a off camera mic, I would not have had to crank up my speakers and get all that hiss. In this cyber world, you have got to figure s**t out. You can either: Get a mic of some sort or use a headset. OR if you’re broke and you’re saying no, way, I’m not buying a mic… then at least warm up the sound with lots of fabric between you and camera mic (out of the shot of course). I’m talkin’ blankets, jackets, rugs… anything you got. Lay it on down. This will make it so you don’t sound so echoey and we, your wannabe loyal viewers will love you for sounding better so we can concentrate on what you’re saying not how it sounds.

There are exceptions to those rules but that’s a basic starter kit to get you rolling. Lots more to come. Being a video star shares elements with speaking success but video lives in its own world. Completely. Hit me with questions/responses in the comments section and I hope to see you on YouTube soon!