A Dime’s Worth

You want more money, right?

But what are you focusing on? Because… if you’re focused on the wrong shit, you’ll miss the opportunities that are all around you.

Last week I went to Anaheim for a Vixen gig. On Thursday morning, I walked over to the NAMM show (National Association of Music Merchants). It was about a mile hike and on the way back, I noticed a shiny dime on the pavement.

Now… this was a BUSY pedestrian walkway. Lots of NAMM attendees and exhibitors, people en route way to their jobs, and more than a couple of homeless people as well. All shapes and sizes walked on this sidewalk.

I decided to do a test. I picked up the dime and glanced around. Nobody was paying any attention to me so I carefully placed the dime on a ledge that ran parallel to the sidewalk. Much easier to spot it that way. I was 100% positive that the sun would throw a glint off the shiny dime right into someone’s eye and they’d pick it up.

I went back to my hotel and proceeded to get ready for an on-camera interview back at the NAMM show. After some lunch, I headed back along the same path to the Convention Center. As I got closer to the ledge where I had placed the auspicious dime, I felt my heart beat faster.

Would it still be there?
Would anyone have picked it up?
Would it go completely unnoticed?

Finally, I got to the ledge. There it was. Shining it all of its ten cent glory. Waiting for anyone to come along and pick it up. At least two hundred people must’ve strolled right past it. Too busy staring at their phones or looking cool in their RayBans to notice a mere dime.

Maybe some folks saw it and ignored it because, after all, it’s only a dime right?
Maybe some folks saw it and left it there for a homeless person.
Maybe some folks simply walked right past in a hurry to get to wherever they were going and were so busy thinking about their day, they DIDN’T REALLY LOOK!!!!

I picked it up and wanted to laugh like a lunatic right then and there. I wanted to shout:

“Do you know that this dime, this very dime could be the beginning of a million dollars?” (In fact, it takes 10 million dimes to make a million dollars. Only 9 million, nine hundred and ninety nine thousand and nine hundred and ninety nine more dimes to go.)

“Did nobody spot this money sitting here waiting for you to claim it????? Do you not see the opportunity around you?”

Of course, being a somewhat mostly sane person, I refrained from such activity.

Instead, I pocketed the dime and immediately grinned from ear to ear. Feeling like I had offered it to the Universe to give to someone else and it had magically returned to me.

Where are you not seeing what’s right in front of you?
Where are your eyes not open?
What does it look like for you to become aware of what you are truly capable of?

Yeah. Step up.

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