Have you ever launched a new product or program to the disappointing sound of crickets?

I mean, like, you’re checking your phone at all hours of the day (and waking up at 3AM) to see if anyone signed up for your AWESOME program or bought your AMAZING product, and all you get is…

*Chirp, chirp*

If you’ve ever experienced this, I have such good news for you!

First of all, you’re not the only one. Lots of business owners I talk with on a regular basis are struggling to move their products and services.

But the really good news is that YOU can do something about it. And I can show you how.

Today I’m gonna share with you THE secret weapon that will help compel your customers to sign up for your program, work with you personally, or add that item to their shopping cart.

And you don’t have to spend a bunch of money or rethink your entire marketing campaign to make it happen!

With just a couple of hours (or less) of your time and the super simple tips I’m giving you in this video…

You can make your customers fall in LOVE with you by this time tomorrow.

(It’s that effective!)

So get on it, rockstar. Watch the video now, and then have a look below for even more goodness.

You watched the video, right?

Cuz I KNOW you wanna sell more of your products and services (who doesn’t?).

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When you do, I’ll send you the “7 Steps To Video Rockstardom”, along with my super special secret tip, which is the MOST important thing that’ll help you connect with your clients and customers on video.

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Get your buns in Video Rockstar University today (class starts January 20, so hurry!).

You might be thinking, “I’ve done SO many programs already, I should just figure this out on my own,” and I can totally understand that.

One thing I’ve found with videos (you may have experienced this yourself) is that they look SO easy—and then you start trying to make one.

And BOOM! You realize, “This is why everyone doesn’t make videos.”

I know that my clients and students have felt so much relief when they learned just a few minor tweaks that saved them HOURS of time and frustration.

(Hours spent with sweaty bangs pressed against their forehead, jumping up to adjust the camera and lighting, getting ALMOST to the end of the video and botching their lines, watching the playback and thinking, “Did I really say that?” and… well, you get the picture.)

So yeah—as with everything, you can figure this out by yourself, eventually.

OR… you can take the fast track and:

  • Work with a teacher (that would be me) who takes YOUR success uber seriously.
  • Join a community of rockstar entrepreneurs who are totally committed to making THEIR businesses stand out, just like you.
  • And, in short order, find yourself turning out videos like a pro.

I know I’ve always done so much better when I’ve found expert help in my business. It’s helped me leapfrog past other business owners who are stubbornly trying to do everything themselves.

(And then there are the times when I’VE been stubborn… ugh, we can talk about that another time.) 😉

Okay, rockstar, that’s all I got for you today.

I’d love to see you in Video Rockstar University.

Until then… remember to shoot for passion, not perfection!

With lurv n rock n roll kisses,


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PPSS. Yes, this video was also shot with the iPhone setup that costs just under $200!