Did you know that the dude who is considered one of Hollywood’s hottest leading men says he’s “uncontrollably shaking and nervous” on every film set?

If you share any feelings similar to that, you’re in bed with Joaquin Phoenix. 

Now wait a film-tastic minute… before you get all comfy and cozy snuggling with Mr. Hottie, I’m kicking you out of that bed!

Yes, even Joaquin doesn’t stay in that bed. He gets himself to the set in spite of his inner anguish.

(Don’t worry, you can still cuddle up with him in your mind. I won’t tell anyone.)

See, I’m really, really interested in making your life + business rock—even MORE than any of Vixen’s platinum hits.

(You DID know I played bass in the all-girl 80s platinum band Vixen, yeah? Not for nothing, but we helped put girl bands on the map.)

And I LOVE seeing the transformations happen around video. It’s amazing on so many levels.

And before you ask, yep… I still get twitchy nervous before every Vixen gig. (The last one was in front of 3000 fans in England!)

If you wanna make 2014 the most EPIC year ever… then read on.

There’s a secret super power tool that you gotta know about that will ramp up your video energy. 

You already possess it.

You own it.

It lives within you.

Now here’s the Joaquin moment:

Chances are you might never feel ‘ready’ to make videos where you film yourself talking about your biz.

Guess what?

That’s cool.

Know why? Cuz starting now, in 2014, instead of making videos… you’re gonna have conversations on camera!

Not just any ole conversations either.

Heck no. (You know I don’t roll with ‘any ole’ anything right?)

You’re gonna have LOVE conversations. (If you’re married, don’t worry.)

Q #1:

Have you ever been dying to work with someone who you hated? Who you absolutely couldn’t stand? 

Of course not! You’re a discriminating chick who’s looking to work with like-minded heart-centered peeps like yourself. 

Q #2:

Are your prospects more inclined to hire you if they could just get to know your wonderful passion for what you do and how much it will help them? 

YES! (Fist bump please!) 

That is how I sold out my very first course of VRU. 

I used videos where you could totally get a sense of who I was.

Before I knew it, I was that rock chick who coaches video.


Two weeks later… And the very first VRU was filled.

Nothing will ever prepare you for the amazing response you’ll get from your videos when you learn to come across with all the love in your heart.

When you bring your LOVE game to your vids, people fall sooooo in love with you that they can’t HELP but become your customers.

Yes, in VRU you’ll get a veritable ton of lighting, framing, script tips and more but this one super power will help you unleash your magnificence on camera instantly!

The only thing that might be better is a chocolate chip cookie with mint ice cream. (Is it just me or are you obsessed with sugary holiday treats, too?)


The one thing that’s even better is if you sign up for my Platinum VRU membership!

And even though there’s lots of ways to sparkle and shine on video, you’ll learn hands on in VRU with loving guidance and feedback on every step.

You just have to press ‘record’. 

Just like Mr. Phoenix, you gotta show up in spite of the nerves. In spite of the doubt.

(Amazing what happens when you simply show up!)

Video can propel your business so far into the stratosphere you won’t even recognize its former self.

It’s what’s responsible for me making the leap from musician to MESH (Making Epic Sh*t Happen) coach.

And it’s what will be responsible for YOU standing out in a very crowded cyberspace right now.

So look, I just wanted to remind you that…

VRU—the place where you learn to make videos that make epic sh*t happen in your business and life—is open for earlybird enrollment ONLY for the rest of today.

(Specifically, until 11:53 PM tonight. Yes, I need those last 7 minutes to practice bass for all the Vixen epicness happening in 2014!)

So don’t delay.

If you’ve been putting off making videos in your business, the time is now.

You’ll get the tools, information, and support to make your vids stand out—and make YOU the go-to in your industry, and the one all the other lady entrepreneurs have a girl crush on. 🙂

Take a look at what VRU can do for your business today.

And I’ll talk to you soon.

With lurv, luck n rock n roll kisses,


P.S. Here’s what one of my fav coaches said about VRU:

“Share, just being around you has made me confident in my videos.”
~ Erika Lyremark, DailyWhip

And yeah, this lady is a rockstar in her own right.

P.P.S. The course starts January 13th and is four weeks long. Until tonight only, you can sneak in with earlybird pricing!

Clear your schedule now so you can create the kind of videos that will grow your business beyond your wildest imagination.