When Vixen was trying to get a record deal in 1987, we heard a lot of excuses from record company executives:

“We already have a female rock singer.”

“We’re about to sign a different all-female rock band.”

“There’s already too much femme rock around.”

They actually believed that the music loving public only had room in their hearts and wallets for ONE female-fronted rock band.

They were 100% positive that people’s love of music was limited. That it was FINITE. That there was only so much to go around.

Especially if you were a chick fronted rock band.

Ridiculous right?

Where Do You Operate?


Zero Sum

Thankfully, we never cared nor did our fans. (Neither did EMI Records who finally did sign us.)

As a whole, a large portion of the music business operated from a ‘place of scarcity’. They believed that audiences only had ‘so much to go around’.

They played a ‘zero sum’ game.

Do you as a fan of music feel like you have to choose between Lita Ford or Femme Fatale? Heart or Vixen? The Pretenders or Blondie?

Of course not.

Operating from a place of abundance is a completely different mindset.

Choose Or Lose

You can’t control how other people respond to you. But you can always choose how you respond and react to situations.

We could have become angry. Bitter. Vengeful.

We could have made it our furious mission to prove those record labels wrong.

But instead we chose with our hearts to put time and energy into the people that love us. Namely, our fans.

Rather than trying to convert people to ‘your’ way of thinking, spend your precious life energy giving gratitude to the people who care about you. The ones that love you and support you.

Choose to love your supporters instead of losing breath over negative reactions. 

Kill Or Thrill

Based on the zero sum game, we also could have believed that if another chick band was signed that we were somehow losing.

We could have chosen to think that if Lita Ford had a hit that we wouldn’t.

When you read that last line…  doesn’t it strike you as slightly insane and hilarious?

The exact same is true in business of any kind.

Do you want to kill your competition or are you thrilled for their successes?

Even if you’re both up for the same promotion or same contract, there will be more. There is always enough to go around. But you have to believe that first.

Choose the path of feeling thrilled for them and you’re letting the Universe know that you believe in abundance. That you believe that there’s enough to go around. That you believe another person’s success is additive rather than subtractive for your life.

Yo TWEET THIS —-> I am thrillin’ when my competition is killin it! 

You’re The CEO

If you were the CEO of your own record label, would you have those beliefs?

I didn’t think so.

And yet sometimes, we secretly freak out when ya hear about your competition’s huge success.

Well guess what, sugar butt?

dude-knucklesYou’re the CEO of you.

It’s one thing to feel all super abundant and open when it’s music right?

It’s a little more challenging when you shine the scarcity belief flashlight on your own dark corners.

Take a look at your own limiting beliefs.

Check out if you’ve got a little of that ‘zero sum game’ goin’ on in your own head.

Do you think that if someone else is successful it somehow impacts you? You know that just ain’t so!

What about actually going after your dreams?

Do you think “Oh, someone else is already doing that. It was my idea but they’re doing it now. So why bother.”


Nobody. No matter what. Nobody can do what you do the way that you do it. It’s just how it is.

And I have to add… the music business was dead wrong about how many chicks could rock. There’s ALWAYS room for everyone.

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