Diamonds In You

Anxiety sucks.
Sometimes I think I’ve mastered it. I’ve conquered the bastard and it’s never coming back.

Then I wake up the next day and it’s snuck back in my heart.

Somewhere along the way… I read that anxiety is what happens when you feel like you’re not living your biggest purpose. When you feel like your creativity is stuck. Or when you feel your gifts are waaaay under-utilized.

One of the only ways I know to move through anxiety is to take what I call ‘inspired-action’.

But what does that mean?

It means…

You’ve got to:

  • Risk making a fool of yourself.
  • Let your heart guide you.
  • Risk complete and utter failure.
  • Put 1000% of yourself into the process.
  • Feel fuckin’ good about what you’re doing.

It’s not easy to write music.
It’s scary as hell to write ANYTHING… books, blog posts, songs.
It’s terrifying to stare at a blank canvas and shape the invisible with paint, sound, ideas, words… pretty much anything.

As an entrepreneur.. you’ve got to be creative every single day.

You’re faced with an endless number of choices.

It’s that feeling of staring at an infinite number of POSSIBILITIES that sends you in search of any means to get numb.

The fear of choosing badly, making a mistake, being laughed at, or in some way letting yourself down is a very real fear.

Yesterday, I coached three clients, talked to two new ones and helped all of them through extreme anxiety around their businesses.
We broke through limiting beliefs, we planned strategy for the week and the day felt complete.

But I wasn’t done.

At 10 pm, Bam and I pulled up an unfinished song on the computer.
Now it was time for me to face my own monolithic fears.

Would anyone like it?
Is my voice awful?
Are these lyrics horrible?

The fact is… the time flew by and when I looked at the clock it was 1 am and I was wiped out with creative juices flowing through me.

I slept like a rock.

You ARE creative.
You ARE here for a reason.
You ARE meant to share your deepest self with us.

Yeah, anxiety sucks. But so does leaving your dreams undone.

The magic happens in the process. 

So I hereby give you permission to step through the anxiety and live bigger and bolder today than you did yesterday.

You have permission to release the diamonds in you and let them shine.