Are you doing what you love?

If you’re like me, you have heard this phrase – Just do what you love.

If you’re also like me, there are times in your life, maybe even right now where you have a job that is your ‘equity partner’. It is supporting you while you pursue your bigger dream career.

How can you do what you love if you’re not really loving what you do?


The secret is in finding the contribution piece of that conversation. Think back to when you first started doing what you’re doing now. You were probably pretty happy about it. Now tap into how you contribute. I’m talkin’ emotional and spiritual levels here. Hey, a restaurant dishwasher contributes by giving the customers clean plates to eat from, by making the world a cleaner place and by helping to contribute to their overall dining experience.

What is your contribution that will help you to LOVE what you do.

It’s crucial to dial it in and then guess what? You are suddenly doing what you love and that bigger dream will arrive in unexpected and more fabulous ways than you can imagine.

I contribute and now I do what I love + love what I do! via @shareross