There’s one thing you gotta know about me. I love to connect and inspire.

That’s my heroin. My drug of choice. My addiction.

Connecting with you, an entrepreneur who wants to rock your videos, rock your life and make s**t happen.

The results? Mind blowing.

I Love To Be Free

I offer a free Video Jumpstart. It’s 15 minutes of you and me. Chatting on the phone. Or on skype.

But it’s not a perfect fit for everyone. When it’s right the results are spectacular!

What do Video Jumpstart entrepreneurs have in common?

  • You’re ready to press record on your video camera/computer but you KNOW it could feel so much better/easier/more authentic.
  • People have told you you’re a dynamo in person and you want that same connection through video.
  • Commitment is a word you adore. When you dive in, you go all the way. In fact, some of your friends might even call you overly ambitious. And that makes you smile.
  • You realize that time is part of the investment in your business. You recognize the time you put into video is actually time you save because of the tremendous ROI.
  • Patience and a willingness to appreciate yourself and all aspects of yourself is necessary. Dealing with self-image is part of the package when it comes to video. You’re ready.

Release the resistance. Let’s do this together.

Allow yourself and your business to shine on video.

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s ready to uplevel your videos, let’s jumpstart your videos.

Testimony for the Video Jumpstart

“Share Rock (as I affectionately call her) totally Rocked my world. As a former tv news producer now coming from behind the scenes to the forefront was impacted greatly by Share’s expertise. Do yourself a favor, connect with your Video Rock Star class and Rock your business and world.”
Roshanda Pratt
Media Consultant, R.E.P. Communications Network