Fear Is Stupid.

It really is. What do we fear anyway? Things we don’t know about mostly.

Remember paper, rock, scissors?

if you say FEAR, i will say ACTION. action always beats fear.

My niece came for a visit recently. She lives in Minnesota and my hubby and I are in south Florida. We swam a lot. Ate healthy foods a lot and talked a lot. (along with playing some killer cribbage games.) She is in her mid 20’s and facing big decisions about what she really wants to do with her life.

She was worried that she did not have a college degree.

She  was concerned that she did not have a definite plan.

She is scared of what might happen if she moves to California and things don’t work out in her dream life.

I gently pointed out that those were all fear based thoughts that were holding her back. What if, what if, what if. The thing is, what if she pursues what she wants and lets her lack of a college degree be a banner she waves proudly?

What if she moves forward with a changeable plan? (AHA! All plans change over time anyway!!!!)

What if she moves to California and finds a way to make things work no matter what? She can adapt as she needs to.

Oh wait. Then she might actually be successful and living the dream life she wants.

ahhhh. fear of success.

Are you running from something or towards something? Are you talking about how much you don’t want to be in your situation or describing what it is you do want?

Dump the fear. It’s stupid.

I’m afraid I will never write the ebooks/real books I promised myself I would write. I am afraid that when (not if) I actually do write them that you will not like them. In fact, that nobody will like them. I’m afraid that I’m just not good enough.

But I’m writing this anyway. To prove fear wrong. It’s like the make believe monster under the bed. Turn on the light and it goes away.

We all have fears. Action trumps fear. Go do something to take a chunk out of your fears. Anything. Write a sticky note. Draw a stick person version of you living your dream life. Day dream for one minute about all the genius inside of you.