From Starving Artist to Rockstar

You probably already know I play in a rock band. In fact, I play in a few of ’em.

I’m best known for playing bass in Vixen but I’m also the guitarist/singer for Bubble, an indie pop/punk band. And never one to be bored, I play bass for Joe Elliott’s side project, the Down n Outz.

But I also used to play in another band. You might be in this band, too.

It’s called, “The Starving Artist” band.


A funny thing happened on the way to my creativity today. I listened to the Starving Artist Band and they reminded me of how:

  • It probably won’t work out.
  • My ideas are unoriginal.
  • I’m not as good as _________________. (Fill in the blank with someone who is obvs so much more talented, better and successful than moi.)
  • I’ll never make any money at my creativity because I’m a loser.
  • The good stuff only happens to other people.

Ahhhh. You’re nodding your head.

You see, the path of creativity is littered with doubt, jealousy, fear and a whole bunch of other negative emotions.

So who is in this Starving Artist Band anyway?

Lead Vocals: Doubting Debbie.
Lead Guitar: Egomaniacal Egbert.
Rhythm Guitar: Jealous Jackie.
Bass Guitar: Fearful Frank.
Drums: Anxious Anthony.

Together they make really, really, really shitty music.

Like…. bad. Atonal in the worst way.

So what’s a creative genius to do?


You need to find your inner voice. Stop listening to that shitty band. No matter how loudly they play in your head. Fire them! Kick ’em off the stage.

Make room for your Inner Rockstar.

Your Inner Rockstar is your witness. It knows what your true intentions are. It knows you’re scared. But it believes in you. 100%.

Your Inner Rockstar listens.
Your Inner Rockstar allows.
Your Inner Rockstar guides.

So how do you get that Starving Artist Band off stage and let your Inner Rockstar take over?

  1. In your mind have your Inner Rockstar give each member of the SA Band a hug. Reassure them that it’s okay. You understand their fears. You love them.
  2. Ask a question to your Inner Rockstar.
  3. Write a letter from your Inner Rockstar to yourself to answer that question.
  4. BONUS: Do this daily for 7 days and watch your creativity soar.

The only thing separating you from your creative success is you.

It ain’t gonna happen if you sit there thinking about it. It does take action. Action with intention. Action with integrity. Action with love.

What if you let go of the Starving Artist Band and played a new song?
Change the record.
Put on the newest tune from your Inner Rockstar.

I dare you.

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