What happens when your plans go out the window?

Mine did exactly that today. I planned out my day very carefully. Structured my time. Made little events in my iCal.

Then… BOOOSH! Things happened and I was off track.

Do you:

  • Get mad and yell and scream that you don’t get your day your way?
  • Pout in the corner and demand “Insert Favorite Flavor” ice cream?
  • Take a deep breath and go with the flow?

I am typically the number two type. Get all quiet. Pout. Sulk. And go eat something ridiculous.

Today I chose a different path.
I decided to flow instead of resist.

See I planned to film my video for Rock It Thursday. But there were some odd challenges that came up. So I decided instead to just share my feelings about the whole thing.

I didn’t eat any ice cream. (It would have been vegan anyway.) I did get loads of other things done that are propelling my dreams forward.

And I’m writing you this message.


Here’s where it gets really interesting.

This is an opportunity.
To change.
To evolve.
To see possibility where I only saw failure.
Write to me.
Leave a comment.
Tell me who you are.
Tell me what you’re up to.
Tell me what sort of inspiration you seek when you go endlessly surfing the internet.

Send me a message.
It can be in the comments, email, Facebook, or via hot air balloon delivery.

I want to connect with you.

Tell me three things about you.