Goals suck.
Decisions RULE.

You Wanna Make Epic Shit Happen? (MESH)

Decide what to do next and shut up those silly voices in your head that tell you you’re not good enough.
Shut up the thoughts that get you stuck.
Or frustrated.

Tune in to the tiny voice in there that says:

Yes. You can do this. You can make epic shit happen.

Inherently you already know what to do next.
You just get stuck in fear.
Stuck in the ‘comfortable’ place.

Believe me,… I KNOW!

The Bermuda Triangle

All my life I’ve had goals and lists and dreams and lists of dreams and goals.

The ones that I co-created with the universe are the ones that I up and decided to do. Period.

Before I actually moved from Minnesota to LA, I had talked about it for 3 years.

“Oh yeah. One day, I’m gonna move to LA. Southern California baby. Yep. That’s me.”

Then I just kept on living my life in the snow.
Sticking within my comfort zone.
Staying with the familiar.

Then I ended up on a boat in the Bermuda Triangle where I faced death for 12 hours. (Full story in my book, I promise.)

After that I knew in my bones and cells that life was short.

Keeping the goals and dreams in our heads and not taking action on them is like shoving them in the Bermuda Triangle.

They get lost.

Decide Now

Don’t wait until you have a wake up call of any sort.
Just decide to take action now.
Right this second.

Because even changing your thinking is an action.
So if that’s all you can do at this particular moment, that’s cool.

Once you DECIDE to do something it’s no longer a ‘goal’.

It’s a decision.
Make it a non-negotiable one.

Fuck goals.

Make decisions instead.


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