As a lifelong rocker, I have not automagically acquired efficient delegation and productivity habits.

I’ve had to discover them through books. Learn them. And implement them until they became habits.

One of my fav tips for getting epic sh*t to happen is to become your own CEO. 


I’m da boss.
Hey! Who are you talkin’ to?
ME! The Boss!

Yeah. All well and good.

But if you’re skulked over a tiny desk and it’s covered in papers, post its and scribbled ideas along with the required coffee mug, water glass and external hard drives… UGH.

Hard to feel like much of a CEO.

Who’s your CEO model?

Now you might think of Richard Branson or Marie Forleo as your ideal biz role models.

For me? It was my dad. 

He worked in a corporate position and with no college education, he managed to get promoted until he was President of the whole shebang.

He had amaaaazing habits of efficiency.

Even in his home office.

Every single night, he cleared his desk so that the only thing on the surface was a pen in its holder. 

That was it.

Clear space.


My dad didn’t even know the word ‘zen’ but he totally lived it.

He didn’t ‘react’ to situations as much as breathe and take them in. Absorb. Then he would ask a lot of questions before coming to a decision.

The whole ‘zen’ desk approach is what I have finally committed to and what a difference!!!!

See, our home is fairly ‘open plan’ and I thought I needed to separate myself with a wall of shelves.

So it felt like I was pretty hidden in the corner of this humongous house.

I thought I was going for privacy. But it ended up feeling like the dreaded, the feared, the worst thing ever……



After a year of ‘small’, and with Bam’s complete support, we drove off to Ikea and got this 80″ wide desk (complete with a bazillion drawers) that is now facing the whole room. (Yes, that is a lava lamp and pink shag rug. Dude. I’m a 70’s babe.)


Hello world!!!!! ha ha. (techie geeky WordPress reference.)

I had to slowly become used to owning this space. Slowly become used to feeling worthy of being my own CEO.

Let me tell ya… I feel VERY worthy now.

I can put my feet up, throw my hands behind my head and FEEL what it’s like to be the CEO of me.

How does being the CEO shift what you’re doing? 

Check out this article (that references an awesome TED talk) about power positions body language.


Clear decisions.

Feeling worthy.

Having clarity.

How will you shift into CEO headspace in your life? 

Let me know in the comments below!

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