Faced with a major decision, do you:

1. Go to the nearest tarot card reading site online?
2. Call your mom or relative and ask them what they think you should do?
3. Write it all down into lists with pros and cons?
4. Get a bottle of something French and red and drink it instead of facing reality?

hey this is a judgement free zone.

Any answer is acceptable. In fact, I have done ALL of those things at one time or another!

it would be so easy if life had a handbook wouldn’t it?

“When you reach junction A, make a left turn into happiness. To avoid confusion and loss of income or joy, be sure to bypass what is behind door number 3.”

However, here at Rev It Up central, we know that you are responsible for yourself. And there are no secret, hidden-behind-the-bookcase long lost handbooks on life that explain everything for us. BUT, there is still a sure fire way to make huge, major decisions.

2 years ago, Bam (DH) and I decided to come to South Florida and look at houses. We fell in love with one particularly funky high-ceiling house a mile from a gorgeous beach. But alas. It was not available by the time we made our decision. We flew home to our little tiny cottage in Los Angeles and life went on. A few weeks later, the realtor called and said the house was available. The thrill had passed and we had moved back into our comfortable, familiar old habits. Suddenly, boom-shift – we had to decide. Do we go for it? Leave behind everything we had known for decades? Move 3000 miles without a reason other than to DESIGN a life the way we envisioned it? Seems obvious doesn’t it?

But at the time, I was TERRIFIED! I could tell you why I didn’t like LA. The smog. Too much traffic. Rents are too high. Buying a house in a nice neighborhood was not possible at an affordable price. I never saw my friends due to traffic! The ocean water is too cold and too dark.

Bam turned to me and said, “Are we running FROM something or TOWARDS something?”

And THAT, my fellow life rockers, is the golden question.

The list of things I did not like about LA were NOT reasons to move. Those are negative reasons. If those were my sole reasons for leaving, it would not work. I would have been putting my energy into what I did not want. Remember the law of attraction? Wherever you focus your energy is what the universe will bring to you. Even if it’s NOT what you want.

It had to be about ‘running towards’ a new life. A life in Florida. A life in a house with tons of room. A life where there was very little traffic. A life with clean, warm ocean temperatures. (usually around 80-85 degrees!) It’s more than just flipping it around to the opposite of the negative list. It’s about aligning what you want with where you are looking. “Running towards” positions you to look at your decision by focusing on a desired outcome ahead of you instead of looking backwards.

Finally, whenever I thought of moving to Florida I was filled with excitement. There was fear there, too. But tons of excitement. Whenever I thought of staying in LA, I felt disappointed. The familiar had become boring. I have nothing but fondness for my 25 years in Los Angeles, but a big change mixes things up. There was nothing that pushed us to do it except ourselves.

Expansion vs contraction.
Excitement vs disappointment.
Towards vs from.

It’s been almost two years since our big, crazy move. I love it here! I love our house. I love the life we have created for ourselves here.

Life is what you make it. Wherever you live. Whatever you do. So when it’s time to make a change, make sure you are running towards a beautiful shift in your being.