For a while now, I have been very careful to keep my two worlds separate.

World 1 – I’m a rocker. I wear a lot of black. I have tattoos. I like loud guitars and loud drums and listen to Led Zeppelin and the Stones on a regular basis. If it ain’t got guitars, … I probably ain’t interested.

World 2 – I’m a personal development guru/coach/hippie chick who loves green smoothies and meditation and pretty much lives to inspire others to live their ultimate lives.

How the hell do I bring that together I kept wondering?

Then my fave biz coach, Erika Lyremark challenged me on a group conference call.

“Why don’t you sing your daily MESH Minute newsletters?”

I sat on the phone. Silent. Afraid. Nervous.

She had hit a nerve.

Why don’t I?

Why Don’t I Sing My Newsletters?

I could think of a thousand reasons.

  • Rockers wouldn’t approve.
  • What if I lost my street credibility?
  • Self help people would hate it.
  • That would really be putting my ass on the line.

Oh hello. 

Line meet ass. 

Ass meet line. 

You wanna join this revolution that unites my sonic sensibilities with my penchant for making the world a better place?

Get on da list and tick “Daily MESH Minute” so you can hear what I’m talkin’ about.

It’s time to Make Epic Shit Happen. Now how are you gonna put your own ass on the line?