Looking For The Big Aha

Stories. We love ’em.

Movies. We love those too because they’re built on stories.

And what do we love the most????

Stories of amaaaaaaazing transformation that happen in a moment. A huge awakening and then suddenly, the clouds part, the sun shines and everything is clear with the path perfectly laid out in front of you.

The Big Aha.

It’s Personal Development PORN! 

No seriously. It is!!!!

We want the magic, the brilliant enlightenment to happen to US.
And we want it in a blinding flash of genius!

But more likely… it’s like this….. 

You do the work.
You read the books.
You’ve got multiple decks of oracle cards.
You work with EFT, meditation and yoga.
You eat vegetarian and you watch Oprah.

Sure you have growth. You have experiences that propel you forward.
And yet… you haven’t had any sort of big Aha moment.

So then you slump back.
You feel the doubts, the fears creeping in… and the FRUSTRATION that you don’t have that amaaaaaaaaaazing 10000% clarity that you know exists.

You read the book about the woman who died of cancer and then…. didn’t die and she came back and cured herself. Boom. Like that. Everything was clear.
You read the book about the news anchor who had his endless years of searching and drug addiction and got into meditation and then at one meditation retreat…. Boom. Like that. Everything was clear.

She/He could see/feel/sense/was-completely-and-utterly-aware of the connectedness of all sentient beings in the Universe.

You want THAT.

Well, duh. Who doesn’t want to be instantly awakened.

But you’re on your own path, rockstar.

And it’s a beautiful path.

Give up the Personal Development Porn addiction.

Right now.

Breathe again.

Your path and my path are both gorgeous.

Celebrate your path. Celebrate each and every step. Celebrate the doubts. Celebrate the imperfection.

Stay the course that you’re on with love and joy.

Forget the PDP (personal development porn) which is just another form of comparison!!!!
It’s a distraction of enormous proportions.

You rock.
You’re awesome.
You are here to do great things. 

And one day… when you do have your aha moment? Remember this post and smile.

Because in the words of John Lennon… “Life is a journey and not a destination.” So is your personal development.
Eye on the ball, rockstar. Eye on the ball.