You want to rock the new year. You want it to be the best ever. You have made New Year’s Resolutions and they didn’t work. You have done goal planning and then got mad when things didn’t happen. This one is easy.

So easy in fact, you might not believe that it will work!

But it DOES work.

All you have to do is make a Contribution List.

Yes. That’s it. Make a list of all the ways you will make a contribution in OTHER people’s lives. (or for the planet or your pets!)

By putting your energy into this super compassionate, giving style exercise you are deflecting the habit of thinking about yourself. It focuses your energy into little balls of sparkly, shiny matter and KABOOM! You are exploding with love, meaningful purpose and the most incredible feeling in your heart.

I can’t wait to hear what YOU come up with on your Contribution List. Please let me know in the comments and let’s inspire each other.


I got my 2012 Contribution List and I’m smiling! via @shareross
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Making a difference is awesome! What’s on your Contribution List? via @shareross
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