My Secret Anti-Anxious-Feelings Tool

There’s no halfway with me.

I’m either 100% in or I’m 100% out.

Imagine you’re standing on the diving board. You’re up high. It’s rather terrifying. Maybe you’re 20 feet up. Maybe you’re 5 feet up and it’s your first dive. Either way, the moment you decide to dive, and you run down that board and jump… you’re in midair. There’s no turning back. You’re all in.

That’s how I operate. Go all in. Go for gusto. And rockers?

I’m all in with my new anti-anxious-feelings tool.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time you know that once in a while I talk about my ‘fun’ times with feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

I’ve never been diagnosed or medicated as I don’t like western meds. I have however had situations where I felt paralyzed and full of unbelievable fear that even though I knew it was in my head, I couldn’t seem to escape it.

Not something I’d wish on anyone.

Many of you have written to me and said that you have challenges like this as well.

So I finally jumped off the diving board and decided to give essential oils a try.

Is it instant?
Do they work?
Will oils help you?


Yes if…. if you’re working with the right oils for you and the oils are high quality. At first, I tried ‘el cheapo’ stuff from Amazon. I got next to no relief. Then I signed up with a company for the real stuff. And whammo. Into the diffuser and woah. The peppermint wafted into my desk area and I felt my anxiety being lifted. It was a cloud of relief.

It didn’t make my dark cloud of whatever-the-fuck-that-nasty-thinking-is-disappear-forever but it allowed me to step back enough that I could return into the present moment so I could appreciate how great my life is. And THAT… is priceless.


I am never one to say “what works for me will work for you”. Just not how I roll. So far, in my limited experience, I’m incredibly happy with the results. (In fact, I just sniffed the exuberantly cheerful lemon oil again for a ‘joy lift’.)


essential oils for anxietyAgain, chances are that yes, they’ll help you. I’ve got this big book of how to use essential oils and how to apply them, diffuse them, etc etc. The studies are becoming more and more expansive. The results are more and more impressive.

Here’s how I see it. If going to a doctor results in tons of tests and possibly medications and most of the time, they are hoping they ‘might’ get it right to put a bandaid on your symptoms….

Then in comparison, spending a few dollars on some essential oils is nothing to improve my chances for wellness, happiness, peaceful-energy and overall kickassedness.


Yep. I’ve joined the cult. I walk around saying “There’s an oil for that.” Because… quite frankly, there IS an oil for that.

As someone who has been raw vegan, explored meditation techniques, read Yogananda and loves to feel good… I can promise you this:

Essential oils are the new black. They’re here to stay.

Wanna know more? Send me a message. Let’s find out if there’s an oil for you!

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  1. Suzi

    doTerra…..holy crap, girl- you are a rock star, indeed! If I weren’t already a doTerra rep, I’d sign up with you. Then again, I have a friend who’s a YL rep and I feel quasi-guilty for not signing up with her too!

    I hear Frankincense is great for anxiety. Personally, I love the combos. OnGuard, for when everyone is catching that something, something and Digestzen for when your food combining hasn’t been optimal.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say you are The Best marketer! 😀