Have you heard yourself say that?

Now’s really not a good time.

I’ve got:

  • That important event coming up.
  • Relatives in town.
  • A launch I’m dealing with.
  • No time to breathe let alone do this thing you’re asking me to do.
  • Plus a bunch of laundry and the usual stuff to get done.

I find myself making excuses.

“I’m so busy with my business, how will I fit in writing this?”

“But I’m in the middle of my own launch!”

“Wait, I’m going to England in 2 weeks and … that is gonna take a chunk of time and effort.”

“I might be in a weird mood that day and am not sure I want to commit to anything.”

Yep. The mood thing has actually gone through my mind, too.

The thing is… NOW is the only time you truly have.

There is no perfect moment to:

  • Start your own business.
  • Begin working on your taxes.
  • Get married.
  • Move across the country.
  • Write that speech.
  • Write your book.
  • Paint a flower on canvas.
  • Go out to lunch with a new friend.

You simply decide to do it and you CREATE space (not time) in your schedule for it.

You can put off your own greatness, your bigness, your ultimate destiny again and again by thinking ‘now’s not a good time’.

Or you can commit to taking little, tiny steps towards your own epic shit.

You only need:

  1. A commitment.
  2. Accountability either with yourself, a friend, a coach or a community of some sort.
  3. A deadline to aim for.

The commitment comes completely from within you.

You decide if you’re gonna do something. Nobody else.

It doesn’t matter how busy you are or not. If you’re committed, you’ll find a way to make it happen.

Greatness springs out of habits. 

(Hey, you could tweet that!)

Create your own amazing habits.

What if:

  • You got up an hour earlier?
  • You stopped checking your email every hour?
  • You didn’t look at Facebook for 3 whole days?
  • You canceled your television subscription?

And instead you:

  • Wrote every morning for 20 minutes?
  • Painted during the afternoon?
  • Went for a walk after dinner?
  • Found the energy and motivation to create instead of numb yourself?

Your epic shit is waiting for you to take action.

Action only requires a commitment.

Transforming your commitment into results?

That’s what separates the doers from the dreamers.

Join the MESH gang for 3 weeks of unstoppable energy, mojo, action with intention and the big A – Accountability. 

You WILL make epic sh*t happen. 

Because we’ll make sure you do.

Class starts tomorrow – Monday Dec 2nd.
What are you waiting for? You read this for a reason. NOW is the time.

“I’ve learned how to get epic shit done AND how to focus which was one of my big problems before. A huge thank you for that!” 
~ Claire Stone – claire-stone.com

There’s a bunch of motivated, creative MESHers rockin’ the bejeebers out of their dreams. Will you be one of them?