I am overly sensitive.
I get sick a lot because I’m so sensitive.
I have a weak immune system.
I don’t have any boyfriends because I’m not pretty like the other girls.
They only think I’m a cool/nice/sweet/wonderful person because they don’t really know me.

And on and on and on and on it went.

When I was younger I told myself a lot of stories that were not so great.

Underlying all of those were some basic self-esteem issues. OBVIOUSLY!

But over the years, … (okay, decades)… I learned to rewrite the stories in my head. I also learned to remove statements that began with:
I always…
I never…

I lightened up the reins of control on myself and allowed myself to fail.
Fail with grace.
Fail with joy.
Fail with celebration!

I allowed myself to venture into uncharted territory and try things with the risk of making a complete and utter fool of myself.

Like writing a knitting book. Like moving to California to pursue my dream of making it in the music biz.

Like starting a blog with no clue as to what I was doing.
Action without perfection.
Action without attachment to the outcome.

Even in relationships we tell ourselves stories.
“He always goes crazy when I bring up _______ so I just won’t say anything.”

This not only boosts the negative energy you both have around that issue but it also removes the opportunity for your significant other to express himself in a way that might surprise you.

Am I Ever Done Growing?

So when does this get easier?
Amazingly enough, I find it keeps happening. I make up stories all the time. The only thing that gets easier is catching myself.

Just the other day I turned to Bam and said, “I don’t know if I have what it takes to write my own book. Besides, who would want to read it anyway?”

He stared at me with that piratey English stare of his. “Share, you need to seriously rewrite your story around that.”

Wow. No kidding.

The quicker the rewrite.
The quicker the possibility of wonderful outcomes.

Rewrite Your Story

The most toxic thing you can put in your body …
are your own self loathing thoughts.

How will you rewrite the stories you tell yourself today?