Productive Procrastination

How To Get Something Done Even When You’re Goofing Off!

So you’re sitting at your computer and you’ve gone bonkers mad with work, schedules, deadlines and everything else that sends us spiraling into First World Problem #1 – Overwhelm!

My fav solution is to goof off. But sometimes I only have 10 minutes to play.

What can you do in 10 minutes?
What can you do to fire your brain in a different way and at the same time, have a break from your day to day stuff?

Duuuude. You can LEARN stuff.

Yes, like you did in school. But this is different. This time, you decide when you have recess and you can have your delicious soy latte at your desk. 😉

Here’s my fav 3 cool free ways to be productive. (and learn uber hip stuff in the process.)

  1.  Learn a language. Like … for reals.
  2.  Learn to build an app without knowing any coding.
  3.  Learn the basics of web design and coding.


I was one of the many who took 3 years of French in school and nowadays can only remember Bonjour, Merci and Au Revoir. Pathetic? Yes. Typical? Yes. Do I have to leave it like that? Hell no!

I stumbled across Duo Lingo one day and nearly fell outta my white, oh-so-modern desk chair.

Not only am I relearning French, but once I’m fluent in French … I plan to move on to Spanish. They have courses for Dutch, Ukrainian, Romanian and a slew of other languages along with the more standard Spanish, German, Italian etc etc.

The cool part is they understand how to make it fun. Using games and points and making is ridiculously easy with a free app for your phone, there’s no excuse to be a mono-linguist anymore!

I’m one of over 18 million users learning French. Joindre á moi? (Care to join me?)


I have dreams. Yep. Dreams of building apps that do cool things and make people wanna buy the in-app purchases.

Have I done it yet?
Non. (I’ve been busy learning French instead.)

But hey.. If I was gonna build an app, I’d use this free course to learn how to do it. Dayyum. 

Comprehensive. No coding required. And it seems to cover all ya need to know.

Udemy actually has tons of free courses. So you could get skilled up in Photoshop, Graphic Design or learn the basics of Excel.
All for free.

Here’s my offer. If you learn how to do build the world’s most popular app… and you make millions… how about a kickback for sending you there?



I found this site and before ya knew it, I was breezing through the tutorials and looking at the clock saying, “oh, just one more lesson, please.”


It’s that fun.

You’ll learn html, css and a bit of java all while building out a website.

It’s instant. Like Instant Jell-O pudding from my youth.

Looks kind of slick like that too. Enjoy.


Now you’re getting all these crazy ass skills right? What’s the point? Like … who cares?

See, the secret is this.

It feels good to learn. Yep. There. I said it.

I’d rather walk away from my computer with a little bounce in my step from learning a few words of French… than a cramp in my wrist from mindlessly scrolling down the page of Facebook. Of course, I’ll probably go do my learning AFTER I’ve stared at Facebook for an hour.

C’est la vie. 😉