Hello Rockstar!

Have you been working towards your big dream and pushing the boundaries of your own limits to the point of craziness?

Long hours, endless lists, priorities checked off, organizing your brainstormed ideas into usable drafts, oh and what about the local networking events plus hiring a web designer and … OH MY!

It can drive a girl into overwhelm can’t it?

When you feel resistance to a little play time is exactly when you need a little play time.

Get goofy with it. Push your reset button.


What is your reset button?

What works for you?

My reset button includes going to the beach, playing with our dog, Ringo and sometimes calling an old friend!

Stressed out? Eyeballs square from working on your computer? Learn what to do now! via @shareross http://bit.ly/pushreset

Ideas swirling in your head? Push your reset button and get recharged + re-energized! via @shareross http://bit.ly/pushreset