It’s here! 2012 is here! It’s arrived and your energy is sky high with hopes, dreams, ambition, drive and resourcefulness.

Most importantly, at the beginning of the new year, your belief in yourself and your possibilities is infinite.

Tap into that.

What movies do you play in your head that don’t turn out the way you want? Rewrite them! Give ’em new, big Hollywood endings where you get everything you want!


You can design your own life how you want it to look!

Start by writing down what assumptions you’re making without even knowing it! Question those assumptions. Rewrite the movies in your head and leap towards your dreams!

Let me know in the comments what movies you’ve rewritten.


I rewrote the movies in my head so they have BIG happy Hollywood endings now! via@shareross
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My assumptions are gone and have been replaced with inventions! via@shareross
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