A lot of you have written to me and said you want to do video but you hate yourself on camera!

It’s easy to get caught up in how you feel about how you look on camera. The funny thing is… nobody sees you as critically as you do! When other people connect with you in person, they are reacting and responding to your energy. And that has nothing to do with your age, hair style or anything like that. They respond to how you feel about yourself.

To get yourself comfy on camera, you need to focus outwards. Imagine the person you are talking to. Feel the impact of your message on them and direct your energy towards that!


These two steps will help you start rocking your videos today:

1. Choose to love the way you look! Accept every cell of your being as it is.

2. Film constantly. Film yourself and other people. Pay attention to how others come across when they just let go. (You’ll see this a lot in children.) Note that and utilize it in your own videos!

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I rock my message on video because I can! http://bit.ly/GHzjtq via @shareross

From film fear to film fanatic! I’m workin’ it! http://bit.ly/GHzjtq via @shareross