You hear me talkin’ about ‘rockstar’ this and ‘rockstar’ that. And you know I was the bassist in the platinum selling all-femme rockband Vixen. But what is a rockstar?

Screen shot 2013-06-10 at 11.52.32 AMI recently asked that question to a bunch of my homies on Facebook. Boy oh boy did the answers ever vary!

But the bottom line?
It’s when you recognize your ESSENCE and that your essence makes the world a better place.

What does this have to do with video?
A lot.

If you can share your ESSENCE (yes it’s in all caps cuz I’m shouting it!!) on video… then you have a mega big impact.
As in global.
Maybe even in universal. (I for one can easily imagine that there would be aliens or other sentient beings out there checking out our YouTube videos by simply tuning into the vibrations rather than the words.)

The Breakdown

So a couple of weeks ago I had a speaking gig in Miami.
Day 1:
I arrived with suitcase in the car and ready for a day of inspiration aimed at female entrepreneurs. It was wonderful!
Tons of takeaways.
Frantic note-taking.
I was energized, inspired and felt in tune to the planet.
All was well in my world.

Day 1 evening:
Left the event to go to the VIP party and pulled over so my passenger and compadre rockin’ entrepreneur could get some makeup out of her suitcase in the back of my Dodge Magnum. She stood at the back of the car in surprise, “Our suitcases are gone.”

I looked at her face in the rear view mirror, “You’re kidding right?”

“Nope. They’re not here.”

I jumped out of the car to see with my own eyes.

We looked at the drivers door and realized the car had been vandalized. They’d popped the lock and stolen our stuff.

More Breakdown

Police report.
Phone calls.
Arguing with the owner of the valet parking lot. (Note: Always read that part that says they are NOT liable for anything that happens to your car or your valuables.)

Then came the tears.
My posse of babes gathered around me.
I wanted to run home to my hubby and dog.
My speaking outfit – gone.
My makeup – gone.
My confidence – seemingly gone.

I desperately wanted to cancel and tell the event organizers that under the circumstances I would not be speaking the next day. They even said they would understand if I wanted to go home.

One of the speakers, Denise Jacobs had done a piece about FEAR. The usual acronym is False Evidence Appearing Real. She summed it up saying, “Really when fear strikes? We want to Fuck Everything And Run.”

I was right there.
Yeah. I was ready to F.E.A.R. all the way home to Bam.
Away from Miami.
Away from all this crazy pressure.
Just away.

posse47415_nMy posse squared me up and said, “Share, you’re a rockstar. Some desperate souls stole your stuff but they didn’t steal your rockstar soul.”

Superstar friend and me headed to an all night Walgreens and spent a ridiculous amount of money on makeup and hair products to get us through the next 24 hours. I even found a pink tie-dyed tank top to wear on stage with what I had on.

We checked into our hotel and the Doubletree gave us extra chocolate chip cookies (yum) as we explained why we only had Walgreens plastic bags as luggage.

The Breakthrough

We woke up the next morning to rain and gray skies.
The night before we’d been so upset and caught up in our drama that I hadn’t even noticed we could see the ocean from our balcony. IMG_0496

Laughing our way through strange makeup and hair gunk, we both got ready and gave each other lots of supportive comments. (Can I just say that cheap makeup looks just fine to me but it SMELLS really yucky.)

We navigated our way back to the event and felt like everyone should/would/must know what happened to us. But of course, hardly anyone knew. It was all drama in our heads. And all happy-to-be-there energy around us.

I was scheduled to speak at 10:45 am. Right after Jessica Kizorek who is no easy babe-o-rama to follow. She killed it up there.

I went on wearing Walgreen’s finest and rocked it. (tanktop – $3.99 – aisle 6)

I rocked it.

Yes, I mentioned the robbery but only in a small way and more to make a point.

Someone can steal your clothing.
They can steal your shoes.
They can even steal your badass, awesome, glam, rock n roll jacket that you’d planned for months to wear at this event… (and I guarantee you they do NOT look as good in it as I do.)
But they cannot steal your essence.

Rockstar Me

And THAT is what I’m talkin’ about when I say…
Unleash your inner rockstar.

Both in real life.
And on video.

Cuz that’s what it’s all about honey.
If you stay scared, or fearful or trapped in small thinking… then you ain’t sharing your essence.

So give me your best, your boldest, your brightest… your scariest thing you ever did.
Either on video or a link to your blog.

Rockstar me. (Yes, I just created a new verb. If Google can be a verb than so can ‘rockstar’.)
Rockstar me now.