If rockstars don’t care about what other people think, why do you?

Because you are a rockstar, too. (We have already established that, remember?)

When you focus on your heart and listen. When you follow your true path, you won’t care what anyone says about what you’re doing. You’ll just do it.

It sounds so easy, doesn’t it? But it’s easy to get persuaded or off-track. There’s a thousand reasons. The economy sucks. Nobody has done what you want to do. How will you find customers? Whatever the nay sayers argument is… if you stand strong, you are like a machete in the wild bush…. cutting your own path.

Beat your own drum!


Please let me know how this resonates with you. I want to see your rockstarness shining. I want to see you stirring up trouble with your strong opinions and beliefs. (Even if I don’t agree.)

You are a rockstar. Now go act like one.

I beat my own drum because I don’t care what anyone thinks of me! via @shareross http://bit.ly/dontcareyes

Rockstars don’t care and neither do I because I rock my thang! via @shareross http://bit.ly/dontcareyes

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