Self-Love Talk

Honey, sweetheart, darling. Let’s talk about you.


“You are the most influential person you will talk to all day.”
~  Zig Ziglar


I was talking with a dear friend of mine this past week. He commented how he’d shifted his self talk. And instead of using nasty names as we so often do with our selves, he had begun using pet names.

He was actually calling himself “honey” and it was changing his inner dialogue.

Before you laugh, consider this.
You’ve heard me talk about how most of our 50,000 daily thoughts are repetitive thoughts from the day before. And how of those 50,000 thoughts more than 70% of them are self deprecating and super negative.

What if you turned that around?
What if you flipped the percentages in your favor?
What if you gave yourself some love instead of the constant beating up attitude?

You look at your to-do list and instead of saying, “I have so much to do. I’m such a mess.”

Try this: “Hey honey, you can only do your best with this. Let’s prioritize it and figure out what you can realistically get done today. And maybe look at what’s most important.”

Sound crazy?
Yeah, well, ya know I’m like that.

Try it.
Then you tell me who’s crazy.

The person who treats themselves gently and with love.
Or the person who calls themselves nasty names and is impatient with themselves.

Okay, honey, sweetheart, darling!

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