2012 is the year of video!

Video is the new black. Video is the new Facebook. Everyone is saying it. YouTube is the number two search engine on the planet. If you ain’t on video, you are missin’ out!

In this video I give you my number one secret for rockin’ it on video. And a little tip on how to get that rolling for you. (goofy pun intended.)


So here’s where your action step is. It’s easy to sit there and watch the video. It’s easy to think about shooting a video. Now get off your ass and shoot one. Just do it. Stop thinking about it.

Shoot for passion, not perfection.

Leave the link to your youtube video on this page! Let’s get your video ball rolling!

I’m shooting for passion not perfection and I’m a video rockstar! via @shareross http://bit.ly/passionvid

Join the video rockstar movement! Shoot for passion not perfection. via @shareross http://bit.ly/passionvid