How many words per day do you speak?

The answer is in the video but I’ll tell ya…  it’s a lot of words! Holy cow. You and me? We like to talk. (And yes, the number is the same for women as it is for men! LOL)

There is one word in particular that only serves to make you feel crummy. Makes you feel less than. Makes you feel like a loser.


I’m offering up a solution to shift that word out for something with possibility. An approach to forgiveness and love and opening you up to whatever might be in front of you instead of forcing you to stay stuck in the past with the stench of ‘should regret’.


I would love to hear any of your substitutions for ‘should’ as well. The world could be a different place if we choose not to ‘should’ each other! Please let me know what works for you in the comment section!

You could shift to possibility when you get out of shoulds. via @shareross


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