You got dreams. Goals. Ideas.

You got lots of good stuff in your heart and in your head.

Like my mom used to say… “You got potential.”

So what? Big f’n deal. 

Many years ago, before love-of-my-life Bam, shall we say, BB??? I had this boyfriend.

I won’t name him out of respect.. you’ll see why.

He had a lot of talent. He had a lot of dreams. He talked alot about what he was gonna do.

He would do it all:

  • When the planets aligned.
  • When he had the money to do it.
  • When he had the time and energy to stop talking and start doing.
  • When he felt more energy.
  • When he had the confidence to take a risk.

Well, a few years after we broke up, he got in a bad way and ended up shooting himself.

I know. Horrible and tragic ending to this story, right? (And I’m not saying that I could have saved him or anything like that.)

But the fact is…. He died with all that amazing stuff inside of him.
Maybe if he had believed more in himself?
Maybe if he had found a way to feel how loved/loving/lovable he was?

Ya know what my mom said when I told her? “Oh that’s so sad. He had so much potential.” 

This is your swift kick in your ass.

Yeah. You read that right.

I’m not falling for your “Oh, but I’m so tired. My plate is too full. I don’t have time. But this idea would be amazing if…..”


My mom had this secret.

She’d say… what can you do right now?

Right this very second, I want you to take ONE ACTION to push you into your dream and out of your potential.

One action inevitably leads to more.

Need help wondering which action to take?

  • Get the domain name you’ve been thinking about. Seriously? This costs less than $10.
  • Set up interviews with potential clients for FREE to find out what they need/want/are looking for. (this is your research.)
  • Find out about advertising costs for whatever it is you wanna do. (You’ll probably need some promo no matter what.)
  • Commit to a deadline in your calendar-of-choice and tell a friend what you’re doing and give them permission to lovingly harass you about it.
  • Write down what you wanna do and WHEN you wanna do it by.
  • Make a list of how you will FEEL when you’ve done it.

This is what MESH is all about. Make Epic Sh*t Happen. (opening soon.)

Leave me a comment and tell me what you did.

If you ain’t on the list, then I’m gonna be pissed. Sign up now. Before I hear about another case of “potential greatness”!!!

Be you.
Be great.
Be epic.