The 1 Biggest Reason To Film Videos For Your Business!

Why do you wanna film videos for your biz?

It’s a hassle right?

Getting all sussied up, figuring out what to say, learning about lighting and a load of other stuff that you did not sign up for when you started your own business!

Are you doing videos because:

  • You think you ‘should’.
  • It’s what all the cool kids are doing.
  • You’re hoping to have one viral video and boom-overnight success.
  • You heard it’s how “fill-in-the-name-of-famous-internet-biz-star” made it big. 
  • You want to be super duper famous in a month.

Pzzzzttttt! STOP!

Whoa nelly. While all of that is interesting…. Those reasons ain’t gonna get you to deal with the bizarro stuff that can happen when you’re making videos. 

When I say bizarro … I am referring to:

  • Suddenly noticing how awkwardly your mouth moves when you’re talking on camera.
  • Realizing that one eye is bigger than the other.
  • Hearing your voice back on your computer speakers and wondering how you ever got this far in life.
  • The a/c just broke and you’ve got to carry on filming. Sweaty babe and all.
  • Your neighbor’s dog will not stop barking and you’ve got to just wait it out.

Those are just a few examples of real challenges that have come up in real life situations from my clients.

You have got to have a HELL YEAH kind of reason to keep moving forward with your videos.


The “Why” of anything is crucial to your success.

Just ask Simon Sinek, the author of “Start With Why” and he’ll give you a book’s worth of clarity that comes with figuring out your why.

Video is no different.

Simply figuring out WHY you’re doing videos for your business is a huge help.



The number 1 reason why anyone wants to make videos for their business?

It’s to build trust. To connect. So that other people can truly get to know you.

Along with that is the good probability that you’ll be helping people in some way, shape or form.

So what happens when people trust you?

They want to work with you.

Watch this video and dig into your why!

And uncover a hidden gem right now that will help you when you film your videos.

Leave me a comment and let me know if this video helped you.

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