I am so happy to say that hurricane season is almost over in South Florida. Only a mere three weeks left to go and I can say I made it through my second hurricane season in what I call “The Wild, Wild East”!

I had no idea how magnificent the weather was when we moved here. You’re thinking, sure, Share. You’ve got sunshine and warm weather year ’round. Rub it in. No, no, no. I mean. MAGNIFICENT. As in BIG. As in WILD! The weather just does its thing. Big winds. Big thunder. Huge lightning bolts across the sky. Wow. We get torrential rains and 70 mile per hour winds and 20 minutes later, the sun is shining and the wind is gone. THAT is what I call magnificent.

Meteorologists guess and speculate and wonder and ponder and make us crazy with their ‘best estimate’. The weather does not have to think about what to do. It just does it.

Have you ever said, I’d like to give video blogging a try?
Or how about, I should try not stay up this late.
Or my all time fave, I’m trying to lose weight.

There is no TRYING! There is only doing. Or NOT doing. That’s it.

You argue. But I tried a new food and didn’t like it. I argue back. You tasted a new food and didn’t like it. The fact would remain. You DID eat it.

It’s semantics. Try vs do. But the meaning of the word is heavy. Full of regret. Remorse. And other yucky bad feelings. You and I can live without it. Plus just the sound of the phrase “I’m trying” sounds like a whine! Ewwww!

Trying is a copout before you’ve even started. Why admit defeat or some half hearted attempt? Put your booty into it. Put your whole being into anything and everything you are doing.

(verb) try [tri]
make an attempt or effort to do something.

(noun) try:
an effort to accomplish something; an attempt.

Let’s banish the word TRY. We don’t need it.

Face it, when did you ever have a great moment in your life because you ‘tried’? You either DID something or you DID NOT do something.

Either it is raining. Or it isn’t. If it rained a little, it still rained.

Is it really that black and white? YES! Hell, yes!

You are either living or dead.
Pregnant or not pregnant.
Breathing or not breathing.
Talking or not talking.
Sleeping or awake. (I know this one could be debatable, and if you want to argue with me, bring it on in the comments!!!)

With all of the plans you make in your life, eliminate ‘try’ and in the words of Nike, “Just Do It.”

1. Make your DO list.
2. Make a list of what you will NOT DO. (For instance, stop starting your day by reading emails. Instead, start your day with your own intentions.)
3. Realize your own power by making bold statements of what you will DO with your business.

The simple change of one word can alter your outlook. Stop trying. That is just complete and utter bullshit. Now go do it! Be the weather.