Let’s talk E darling.

No not that type of E!! You naughty minded hedonist you.
No these are simply a few E’s I want to share with you that rocked my world in 2012.

1. Erika Lyremark

For the uninitiated, Erika might seem like another business coach. But you’d be dead wrong there. She’s a bulldozer, no-bullshit-allowing, knows-her-shit-like-nobody-else-digital-entrepreneur-whip-crackin’ biz coach for badass-babes who are f’n serious about turning their businesses around and making some moola.


I ‘discovered’ Erika this year and within a month, I had launched Video Rockstar University. Since then, she taught me the fine and highly underappreciated skill of how to ‘hustle like I need crack’ and I was able to sell out my most recent round of the course. Yes, SOLD OUT.

If you’ve got an ounce of entrepreneur brain in ya and you’re ready to uplevel your game? Get your booty over to Erika. Now.

2. Exercise

I know. The word itself is just sooooo boring. I see that word and immediately start to yawn.

The thing is, I was eating all super healthy and just kind of ignoring the exercise aspect. Oh sure, I walked my dog twice a day. But big ole cardio exercise? Uh uh. That’s gonna take up time.

Then I read an article about the Couch To 5K app for your iPhone. Downloaded it. Trained for 4 months instead of the recommended 8 weeks because it takes some of us a bit longer. And voila.

3. E-Reader

Are you a book lover? I’m that kid who read herself to sleep every night. And that was AFTER my mom came in a read to me.

I had a library card and used it to its fullest strength for as long as I could remember.

Visiting bookshops that sported a lovely used book, musty, dusty smell was a fave thing to do until Barnes & Noble phased most of them out.

So when I finally got myself a Kindle Touch, it was with great hesitation and about a month of research.

Best. Thing. Ever.

I have read more books now than ever before. And the coolest thing? If you get the case with the built-in light, you can read in the dark with no hassles.

As a book junkie who swore she’d never get one of those e-reader things? I love my Kindle.
Wanna know my favorite latest read?…..

4. Erin Giles

When you’re a kid, it’s so easy to make friends.
“You live on the same block as me? Cool. Let’s be friends.”
“You like Lucky Charms cereal? Me too! Let’s be BFF!”

It’s a little different when you’re an adult. Everyone’s got families of their own, appointments to keep, travel plans, houses to maintain. It all takes time.

But in 2011, I entered a contest to win a ticket to Marie Forleo’s RHH Live and one of the other contestants, Erin and I went a step beyond cheering each other on. We actually became friends.

At first we stuck with the digital environment. Then we chatted on the phone.

Then in August of 2012, we met in person for the first time at an awesome mind opening conference.

We even had lunch together with Danielle LaPorte.

Erin is one of my most treasured E’s of 2012. A true friend. She listens without judging. She prods when needed. She inspires without knowing she’s doing it and makes the world a MUCH better place for a lot of people.

By opening up to the possibilities of having a friend miles away who is 20 years younger than me, I’m honored to feel connected to such an amazing person.

5. Experience

My final E of 2012 is all about experience.

After multiple courses and several private Facebook groups along with all the books I’ve read on my beloved Kindle, I learned a phrase that I intend to live by:

Experience the experience.

You might be scratching your head at that.
We all have experiences. Every moment of every day you’re experiencing something.

By allowing yourself to simply ‘experience the experience’ you will remove yourself from the energy blocks that keep you from having a life filled with love.

Okay, look. I’m kinda shitty at explaining the concept.
But I know it’s true. In a knowingness kind of way.

Living life from a place of connectedness and being detached from the outcome is what it’s all about.
Yet detached from outcomes.

So yeah.
Experience the experience.
But don’t resist or cling to it.
Let the experience flow through you.
Relax and release.

On that note, I wish you a very happy holiday and a rockin’ new year.

Please let me know what E’s you loved in 2012 in the comments. (or another letter if you prefer!!)