The Number One Hangup About Your Message

You know you’ve got greatness inside of you.

You can talk all night long with your friends. Passionately. Almost yelling about the importance of this change in the world.

You wave your hands around.
You get bright eyed and maybe a little crazy looking as you rant.
Your friends stare at you with amazement as you explain your message.

Then it comes time to share this message with the world.

You stare at a blank computer screen.

You begin to surf the net and find other people who have what seems to be the exact same message.

You study their websites.
You visit their Facebook pages.
You realize they are hugely popular and have years of experience on the subject.

Your excitement begins to wane.
Your determination to change the world starts to settle like quicksand. Going down into a black hole.

What happened?

The Number One Hangup About Your Message

We love to believe we matter. We are significant. We are unique.

When we discover that someone else has delivered a similar message/service/product as ours, we question our validity.

This has happened to me more times than notes in an Yngwie Malmsteen guitar solo.

The Number One Biggest Message Hangup is this:

We question the worthiness of our message. 

It comes in all shapes and forms.
But mostly it happens when we figure out we’re not the only ones with this message.

When I first launched Video Rockstar University I was trembling with excitement to share my years of experience as a video producer, host and editor to help online entrepreneurs create amazing videos. Simple enough, right?

My clients were happy. They were getting results. I loved the teaching + sharing aspects of it along with the intense connection that happens when you coach someone through the uber personal adventure of loving themselves on camera. (It involves soooo much more than techie stuff, peeps!)

At the same time, I got more than a little bit caught up in being one of the leaders in this particular arena of coaching. After a year or so, I noticed others had launched similar programs and I felt nervous. I started comparing myself. I started wondering about the worthiness of my own message in spite of oodles of happy clients getting amazing results with their videos.

I had confused being a unique program with simply being unique.

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken. ~ Oscar Wilde

That quote is just so damn applicable in this case.

At some point, you have to consider the fact that if you stop doing what you do or you somehow get caught up in the online web of ‘researching’ what others are doing.. you can lose your uniqueness. You might question whether or not you should bother.


You should bother.

Your message, your program, your service, your product, your book, your clothing line… WHATEVS…

DUDE. It is YOU that makes it so enticing to the rest of us.

So it doesn’t matter that somebody else (or several somebody elses) are doing something similar.

In fact, that means you’re probably on to something great! There’s already strength and interest in your message.

By staying focused on the fact that you have a completely singular energy unlike anyone else… THAT is what separates you from the pack.

Keep believing. Keep delivering. Keep creating wonderfulness and offering it up to the world.

When it comes to video? Let go of perfection. Let go of “but I have to have a white background and amazing lighting or why bother” type of thinking.

It’s your message and your energy that we’re interested in. 

For me, I’ve realized how much I love connecting with entrepreneurs about their messages and helping you bring it to life on camera. (And in your copy.)

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