It’s so easy to think about the big moments.

  • TScreen shot 2013-09-17 at 11.26.53 AMhe moment just before the curtain went up when Vixen was playing on the Arsenio Hall show. (He’s back on tv, yay!)
  • When the band Bubble won Song of the Year in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and were flown to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame to play a concert there and pick up our $20,000 check.
  • When the phone rang and my future editor said, yes, they want your knitting book, Punk Knits.
  • Finding out that we closed the deal on our dream home in Florida.

Those were glorious moments that still give me shivers of joy to think about.

But there were lots of tiny moments that led up to the big moments.
There were also lots of doubts and questions along the way too. (But that’s a future post!)

Now let’s talk tiny moments.


Pre-record deal … We rehearsed twice a week somewhere out in the valley in LA. It was a long drive for pretty much everyone and I still remember how crazy dedicated everyone was. Janet, the singer and me would each grab a handle of my bass amp and flip it up on top of the speaker. We’d all pitch in to help Roxy set up her drums and eventually we’d get to rehearse.

There were no roadies. There were no guarantees. Just dedicated love and passion for what we were doing.

Bubble – Winning Song Of The Year

“Honey, there’s an ad here for a songwriting contest. Should we enter it?”


Bam looked over my shoulder at the ad in the magazine. “Sure. Why not?”

“I’m thinking we just enter one song. What do you think?”

“Yeah. SparkleStar.”

“Okay. SparkleStar it is. I’m gonna use that new credit card. $20 entry fee.. here we come.”

The whole conversation took about 1 minute. Decision made.

Punk Knits

I was in my local yarn shop chatting with my friend, the store owner. “How come there aren’t books with tattooed and pierced models wearing the knitted stuff?”

“Because that’s the book you’re going to do.”

Seed planted. Done.

Buying the Elvis House


Me – “Bam, the real estate agent just called. The Elvis House is available. (Nicknamed the Elvis House due to the lime green shag carpet and white piano.) Should we move to frickin’ Florida? Are we insane?”

Bam, “Let’s do it.”

Me. “No!!!! Wait!!!! Let’s flip a quarter. Heads we move. Tails we stay in LA and keep renting.”

Bam flips the quarter on his arm. “Heads.”

Me. “Really? Wow. 3000 miles away. We don’t know ANYBODY. This is nuts. But man… all that space. And owning THAT house. Two out of three.”

Bam flips the quarter again. “Heads.”

Me. “But I’m scared. I’m not sure now. I mean… what if we hate living there? What if we miss all of our friends and we can’t make any new ones? What if…  three out of five. ”

Bam grins at me with his piratey English smirk and flips the quarter one more time. “Heads.”

Me. “Okay. Let’s fuckin’ do this and move to Florida.”

Tiny Moments

Life changing moments don’t come with a label.

They don’t announce themselves.

They quietly happen when you listen to your gut. When you slow down enough to hear what it is that you wanna do.

You want to make epic shit happen. I get that.

Sometimes when you look at the overall epic-ness of it, it can scare the bejeebers out of you. (at least it does to me!)

That’s where tiny moments come in. You create enough of them. You make little decisions.

Then those get added up. Strung together. Woven into one humongous blanket of forward movement. (or knitted if you’re like me.)


Epic shit happens. (Hear the 42 second piano chord at the end of Day In the Life by the Beatles in your head at this point.) 

Learn to MESH and you will create the life that inspires you. The life that surprises you with how amazing it is.

For years, my friends and family called me lucky. They couldn’t believe all the insane coincidences that just ‘happened’ to me.

It starts with tiny moments. And it starts with you.

Leave a comment about your tiny moments.

MESH starts on Monday, Sept 23, 2013. It’s half full and we’re gonna create TONS of tiny moments to attract the epic shit we all desire.
You in or what?

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