I’ve probably seen “This is Spinal Tap” 50 times. It still makes me laugh because it has so many painfully true moments in it.

One of the greatest lines ever uttered in a movie, “But it goes to eleven.”

Thank you Nigel Tufnel. 

If you gave your life a boost, a turbo charge and you ‘went to eleven’ how would you do anything differently?

It’s easy to coast. To get by. Settle.

Gawd. I HATE settling. Who wants to be second best? Fuck that.
Second only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades.

I’m not talking about winning. I’m talking about putting all of yourself into what you’re doing!
Into your life.
Huge difference.

Go all the way. Dive in with both feet.

What if you committed to taking your health to eleven? Would you exercise every single day? Would you skip that coffee drink and get a glass of water? Would you eat better?

What if you committed to (gulp) taking your dream to eleven? Ohhh. Now THAT’s exciting. What does that look like? How much time would you dedicate to it every day in spite of your crazy ass schedule? Would you be on fire talking about it all the time because you know.. you’re on eleven! (You can quote Nigel if necessary btw.)

What if your business energy just shot up to eleven? Bzzzzzzzzz! You’re unstoppable. Do it. Just do it. Stop over thinking everything. And do it.

Now.. I’ve got to go plug a guitar in and make some noise.

On eleven, of course.

Your turn – what will you take to eleven today? How will it help you make epic shit happen?

Of course, you can let me know what your favorite lines are from Spinal Tap, too.