Since doing the MESH call I’ve realized that I have to walk my talk.

So I’m announcing my news here.
(Living in a transparent world right?)

I have an accountability partner.
They’re an established author and we’re regularly checking in with each other to stay on track.

I have decided (notice I ain’t calling it a goal!) that I’m going to complete my book proposal for MESH by August 30th.

Like you, I’m busy. I’ve got ‘stuff’ going on.

But there’s one thing I’ve definitely figured out.

However long I say it will take, is how long it will take.

When Vixen would schedule rehearsals for a tour, it didn’t matter if you gave us a week or a month. We would use the time accordingly. If it was a month, there was a lot more goofing off. If it was a week, there was a concentrated effort.

Considering the responsibilities in my life and promises I’ve made regarding my business (VRU) delivering a full book proposal by August 30th feels challenging but doable.

Your turn.

What can you accomplish by August 30th?
Lay it out week by week how you’ll get there and DECIDE to do it.

Baby steps.
Look at what will stretch you a little bit.
Focus on your intentions.

Why do you want this? 

Find a partner to check in with on a weekly basis.
Allot time in your calendar to keep you on track. (how did we exist before iCal?)

Let’s MESH.
Make a commitment and leave a comment.