You’re launching your big dream. Your passion for your business is at an all time high. The inspiration is flowing and you are on FIRE!

ENTER: The voice of doubt. (said in a doom and gloom male voiceover with way too much delay and reverb on it.)

From time to time, everyone hears that voice of doubt, the thoughts of uncertainty creep in.

“What if I’m silly to think I can handle this?”
“What if I fail at this?”
“What if my big idea is a big loser?”

Let’s play a different version of the “What If Game”! Watch the video to find out how it works!


This game is unlimited! Open the doors of possibility and let it rock your world.

It’s time to tune in to your potential and tune out the naysayers.

What if I rock my business and all my dreams come true! I like this game! via @shareross

I’m tuning in to my possibilities and tuning out of doubt! via @shareross