you are born. you live. you go through your day to day existence.

But there’s more. You are here for a PURPOSE. What is it?

what is your question?

There is always one question that defines us. Mine is how can I help you achieve your dreams? I love to inspire, motivate, kickstart, encourage and guide the dreamers of the world. It gets me excited and gets me out of bed in the morning.

I had a client last month who wanted to tell a story about her life but she kept leaving out the bits that she felt were ‘icky’. We got into it. It was okay to expose the ‘icky’ bits. In fact, we, the audience LIKE the ‘icky’ bits. It reminds us that the speaker is human. Like us.

You can have a life of reaction or you can create a life of design. But you have to know what it is you WANT! Before you answer, think about it. If you are thinking, I want money. Then dig deeper. What does money symbolize to you? How much money would it take to give you that ‘feeling’? Then dig deeper. What do you want to do as a productive member of society to earn that money? THAT is your GOO!

What is your sticky question? What is your driving force? What pumps your heart faster than anything else? What makes you feel like … yeah, i am alive!

Dig deep. Dig under the dirt. Expose yourself. Got a video camera in your computer? (No camera? Use paper and pen!) Answer these questions privately to your video camera and see what comes out.

1. When I go to a book store, which section do I spend the most time in?
2. Who are my role models/idols?
3. When I picture myself doing something amazing, something uniquely outstanding and yet exclusively me, what am I DOING?

Answer those and you’ve got yourself a whole bundle of inspiration.