It’s that thankful time of the year! I love the energy around the holidays!

But it wasn’t that long ago that I used to dread the holidays. I felt like I didn’t have enough money. I didn’t have enough time. I couldn’t possibly deal with my family and how on earth was I going to live up to all the expectations that were weighing down on me?!

OMG, right?

No more. Now, I dig into my “gift list” and just ride with that vibe of abundant gratitude. All that silly stuff we make up in our heads dissipates and dissolves. Check out the video.


One of my favorite gratitude exercises is using a ‘gift list’. Ya simply write down everything you get for FREE in a notebook or on your computer. Then… wait for it… feel the magic of abundance as you feel gratitude for all that gifting you’ve been the beneficiary of!

Yeah. That’s just cuz you rock.

I want to hear about your gift lists in the comments. What’d ya get for free? Spill the beans!

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