Well, who are you? (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?)
I really wanna know (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?)
Tell me, who are you? (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?)
‘Cause I really wanna know (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?)
~ Who are you, by The Who.

Have you noticed that in modern society we confuse who we are with how we feel and what we do? The fact is, you are. You simply are. And there is nobody on the planet like you.

Your inner being exists. It’s really that simple. But getting that concept into our brains is not so easy a task.

Let’s address FEELING first.
Typically, someone asks you “How are you?”

You might respond, “I am well.”
Or “I am tired.”
Or “I am stressed out.”

The secret is to remove anything that comes after “I am.” You just are. But you still have to answer them, right? So how do you tell them how you are while still allowing yourself to ‘be’.

Whenever you add a resolution to “I am” you are limiting what it is you are. If “you are tired” then you cannot “BE” awake. You have given a finite answer then that defines the essence of you. We impose limiting beliefs on ourselves this way. It sounds extreme. I agree. But it’s powerful. Our words are our communication to others and to ourselves. Consequently, they need to be chosen with care and awareness. By choosing to simply “be” and answer with action statements that truly respond to the question, you leave yourself open to continue being. And that means you can be anything!

Let’s ask it again… How are you?

I FEEL well.
Or I FEEL tired. Completely different energy to BEING tired.
I FEEL stressed out. Totally different to BEING stressed out.

Try it out. The next time someone asks you how you are? Respond with how you FEEL. It will open your soul up to your possibilities rather than limiting you. Ah. Freedom.

The second way we limit our beingness, is confusing it with DOING.

What’s the other question you get asked constantly? What do you do?

Most of us typically respond without thinking about it.

I am a musician.
I am a writer.
I am a raw vegan.
I am a rocker.

Again, this places limits on what we think about ourselves. If I tell myself I am a musician, then it’s difficult for me to open up to doing other things. So instead of answering with what you do as a self proclaimed piece of who you are, respond with an action word.

A freer way to answer would be:

I play music.
I write.
I eat raw vegan foods.
I rock. (that’s my fave!)

you feel. you do. you are.

There is a difference and it is powerful. Now go be you. Because I know and your inner being knows… you rock.