Why You Need to Be A Rockstar In Your Biz


The term gets used a lot.

Like… seriously. A LOT.

When people use the word in rock n roll, they usually refer to a member of a famous rock band.

Mick Jagger. Steven Tyler. Jimmy Page.

Rockstars, right?

But in business… what does it mean to be a rockstar?

Think of it as the difference between being a musician and being a rockstar.

A musician gets gigs.
A musician plays it safe.
A musician wants to get along with everyone and get hired again.

A rockstar takes risks.
A rockstar finds ways to get noticed.
A rockstar doesn’t just show up… a rockstar gets noticed and knows that some people will like them and some people won’t.


How does that feel for you?
Are you playing it safe?
Are you worried about being liked?
Are you playing it small so that you don’t offend anyone?

A business rockstar is bold.
A business rockstar is brave. 
A business rockstar takes chances. 

How can you be the biz rockstar today?

Be fearless.

Leave me a comment and tell me how you’re shifting your energy right now.

Own your inner rockstar.

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