why is it important to feel good? what’s the big deal?

The law of attraction is like a magnet for whatever you are feeling. Yes FEELING. So if you can shift your emotions to a positive place, you will attract more positive things into your life. Think it, be it, feel it, live it.

The energy in the universe responds to your vibrations so if you are sad, you will attract a darker energy towards you. Not fair right? I know that when I’m sad the last thing I want is a bunch of crap heading my way! I have compiled a short list of 14 ways to feel good now. Feel free to add to it with your own ideas in the comments section so we can benefit from what works for you!

  1. Listen to music. Not just any music… FEEL good music.  I feel good. I knew that I would now. ~ James Brown. When I hear the Godfather of Soul, I have to feel good. I just have to!
  2. Sit up or stand up straight. Remember how your mom told you to throw those shoulders back and stand tall. Mama was right. Do it. Changes your energy instantly.
  3. Go for a walk if possible. Movement is amazing for changing your mood. This was my mom’s favorite advice when I was a sulking teen! I still do it to this day. Thanks, Mom.
  4. If you’re a musician… fire up your guitar or bass, smack the drums or pound the piano. SING. Make a freakin’ noise and make it loud.
  5. Become a child of nature. – Go to the beach, mountains, park or somewhere you can hear birds and see trees or water. Nature brings us back to what’s really important. I’m just a Child Of Nature, I don’t need much to set me free. ~ John Lennon. (Trivia: This song became Jealous Guy 3 years later.)
  6. Imagine you are one of your super heroes. What would they advise you to do?
  7. Dance. Swing your arms. Jump up and down.
  8. Do some EFT. It’s free. If you don’t know what it is, check it out. You’ll like it. And it works.
  9. Give to someone else. Think of someone in your life who needs a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to, or just someone to run an errand for them. GIVE of your time and energy.
  10. Smell a rose. Smell some jasmine. Engage your olfactory senses.
  11. Drink some water. Another one of my mom’s old standbys. Sometimes, it does the trick.
  12. Take that lovely mouth of yours and put it into a smile. Hold it. Keep holding it. Breathe with it. By now you are feeling like you have a frozen smile stuck on your face. Think of how ridiculous you look. Okay…you can relax a bit. Did you giggle a little? I hope so. Usually that makes me feel so stupid that I start to laugh.
  13. Eat a piece of organic fruit. Our brains thrive on sugar which is why we crave so much of the bad stuff. But choose a piece of organic fruit and munch it down. You will most likely get a gentle lift. If not, hey, go ahead and eat another piece of fruit! I have been known to eat an entire 1 pound bag of organic cherries at a time.
  14. Stretch. Do some stretches. Nothing fancy. Reach for the sky. Touch your toes. Reach for the sky again.

People have often told me I’m lucky. Lucky to have been a rockstar. Lucky to live in South Florida. Lucky to have a spouse who loves me and I love him. Lucky to be so energetic. Luck is created when you actively feel good in your life. You will attract your own lucky circumstances. It’s up to you to make a difference in the world and it starts with making a difference in your own life. Right now. Go on. Feel good. I dare you.

Feeling good + energy of the universe = luck.