the struggle to be. be more. be real. be authentic. be ME.

How do you know when you’re there?

I have been thinking, pondering, wondering, and then thinking more. I built this site to create a space that inspired me and hopefully others. Did I know in my soul, heart and mind where I was going when I built it? Hell no! But I am hoping to shine a light on the path and at the same time, help others shine a light on their paths.

*A big thank you to fellow explorers Dyana Valentine and Danielle LaPorte for being who they are, putting it out there and inspiring me. Danielle’s Spark Kit is leading me down a very interesting path and I’m liking the adventure, jumping back from what I discover and then plunging ahead anyway.

Dyana and I connected a little bit via email and I will be interviewing her in August! (yay!) She has an amazing kit to help you polish your pitch. She also does some wickedly supportive kick start your ass into gear coaching. Plus there’s her unusual dream calls! Very cool shit. All of it.

Lead. Be willing to fail.

i am throwing my hand up in the air and giving you my rock n roll promise.

Promising you to be vulnerable, real and willing to fall on my face in an effort to give you something that makes you want to live your life with passion. I swear it for as long as I shall live and rock.

*In the interest of transparency, I have affiliate links in there. Feel free to use them or simply purchase their products or services directly.