We all tell stories. All the time. To explain something funny that happened or to illustrate a point. But we also tell stories to ourselves about ourselves.


What stories are YOU telling yourself? Let me know in the comments! Let’s expose our negative self talk and shine a light on it!

For Speakers
To bring your stories to life in your speeches, use these three easy tips:

1. Invite us in to the story. Instead of saying, “I remember 1989. Everyone wore their hair in a big style and hair bands were huge.” Say “Step back in time with me. It was the late 80’s. Big hair and Bon Jovi were everywhere.” In the first example, it’s YOUR experience. In the second example, you’re inviting everyone into their own version of the situation.
2. Skip the narration and go straight to the dialogue. Illustrate the dialogue by actually SPEAKING it to us. You can use accents if it’s comfortable. Dialogue will bring your stories to life!
3. Make sure to deliver the ‘zinger’ line of your story by looking straight into the eyes of ONE person. It might feel odd at first, but it works and it slows down the audience to ‘feel’ your message.

Let’s Talk Self Talk
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