Remember the genie that granted you three wishes when you released him from inside the magic lamp?

First of all, I never understood why nobody ever made their third wish into a request for more wishes!

The wishes were typically:
I wish I had a million dollars.
I wish that girl/guy would love me.
I wish I could have my dream life.

And… poof! It was all yours.

What’s wrong with that? I’ll tell ya what’s wrong. You were not responsible for it! That’s what. Ya know that makes ya? A victim. Perhaps a victim of positive circumstances but nevertheless a victim.

In order to achieve the money and the wonderful relationship and the super duper dream life, you need to make your own shit happen in your life. Then you will attract all of that beautiful abundance.

Before you get mad at me or tell me why buying lottery tickets is so brilliant, let me elaborate.

According to the IRS, 70% of six figure lottery winners are broke within 5 years. Why do you think that is?
Because they did not have anything to do with earning it.
Because they are stuck with the same old belief systems they have about themselves and their worthiness.

Shove that genie back in the bottle and start creating your own life.

Wishing is for fools and games.

Don’t get me wrong. I love to make wishes. Throwing coins into a wishing fountain is fun! I am there. All the way! But I ain’t going to rely on that to give me my wishes.

Wishing is right up there with hoping. It’s just silly. It throws away all of your power of action.
I wish I could lose weight.
I wish that guy/girl would love me.
I wish I had a million dollars.

Wishing will not bring any of that to you!! Duh. You know that. You’re no dummy.

Slam dunk that genie in to the lamp and seal it up with some hot wax. Never let him out.

You are going to make your own dreams come true through consistent action and positive energy. It is how winners are created. And you, my rockstar friend are a winner.


Make a list of three changes you would like in your life. It can be money, relationships, career, home… write it down.

Now, circle the one that is most pressing right now. this instant. This very second. You can feel your longing for this change in your life very intensely.

Write down at least three actions you can take over the course of the next week to help you align yourself with this change.

EX: I want a million dollars.

  1. I will write a list of my skills and wisdom and come up with ways to make extra money on the side.
  2. I will contact 3 people I am acquaintances with and ask them to lunch to see if we can brainstorm any ideas or areas we might work together on a project.
  3. I will study my stock portfolio and re-evaluate my holdings.

Now it’s your turn. What do you want? What will you do to take one step further towards achieving it? Manifesting your dream life begins with knowing what you want and then taking steps to instill that feeling of ‘hey, it’s happening’ into every cell of your being.

Put your answers in the comments below and let’s get the ball rolling and cork that damn genie!